<a href="http://supravidasecular.bandcamp.com/album/ritmada-eloquencia-poetica-vol-i-ep">Causa Primaria by S.U.P.R.A. Vida Secular!</a>


S.U.P.R.A. Vida Secular! Is a philosophical musical project that unites samba, jazz, rap and rock, with influences of Brazilian folklore and classical music. Created and led by the singer, rapper and songwriter Gustavo "Gêiser" Nobio, the "sound system that spreads melodic lyricism, striking rhymes and thrilling beats" appeared in 2004, in the Niterói City, inspired by visions of the simple things of everyday life, starting point for the preparation of the whole concept art.

Restless and curious as always was, the artist - avid to understand the reality that some and with a great need of expression in the chest and throat - started to flow to their aspirations to the art of music at the beginning of the decade of 1990, to compose his first lyrics of content ingenuous or using a speech purely political-social, that with time acquired daring poetics.

Through the interest in writing, stimulated by the habit of reading of comics, science fiction and police action, the young Gustavo plunged headlong in the world of fantasy and from there took a major leap towards the universe of the artistic creation. Gifted logical creative, rhythmic sense, a great timbre of voice and determination held its rudimentary recordings in 1995. One year after it premiered in stages of the festivals of song student.

In 1997 was one of ten finalists for a festival sponsored by the Villa-Lobos School of Music (Rio de Janeiro City), in which studied musical theory. After ranked own compositions in two consecutive editions of the event, Nobio recorded between 1998 and 2000 its first two CDs in participating as an author and vocal interpreter: the compilations Festvilla 3 and Festvilla 4, produced by the institution of education.

In the course of four years G.N. composed several songs and is prepared for a new phase of his career, already quite mature musically. Under the nickname of S.U.P.R.A. Vida Secular!, 2005 marked the launch of solo record entitled Compacto Simples (Mente), CD-Single of limited edition that includes the songs Samba Do Vacilante and O Grande Espetáculo.

Once planted the seed, it germinated, grew and generated the album Ritmada Eloqüência Poética (Vol. I), 2008. His evolution as a lyricist and melody maker happened so gradual and natural; the years is tasked to pave the path of the experience until the current stage, and having still to go. Gêiser - source that gushes talent and creativity - is a careful observer of life that he says is supreme only, but quite rigid, full of hopes, disappointments, victories and failures; where the existence gives wisdom, because the school in the world is secular!

Thus the poet reports such impressions through their masterpieces and concludes: "The vision of the simple things of quotidian, the sounds and noises of the environment, the movement and the atmosphere of the city, and the fight for the survival are excellent factors that inspire to me to compose a song. SUPRA Vida is the music that plays the day-to-day." By: Gusnob Mac Lou.